Welcome to Pittsburgh Furries! A local’s guide part 2: cool eats, cool streets

By RustyNeedle
Bad “most livable city four years in a row”!

Welcome to part 2 of a Pittsburgh Local’s guide to…well Pittsburgh for convention visitors! We’re covering (in my opinion >.>) the most important part of visiting a different city: The cool eats and cooler streets!

I hear a lot from people, even locals in the city, that they are scared to dress up in costume because they are worreid about the mundanes being mean. Let me put it this way:

  1. Pittsburgh is home of Google, CMU’s robot army of doom, host to Pensic War, home of zombie movies, movies film here all the time, the Art Institute and Davis schools are in town and we are now freakin’ hipsterville!: seriously, there is nothing you can possibly wear to make locals give a shit. We love costumes! DRESS UUUUUP!
  2. We have a massive zombie walk every year. Something cute and furry is a god send
  3. We are a drinking town with a football problem. Steelers fans are just drunk loud method acting cosplayers. No worries!
  4. Pittsburgh LUVS ANTHROCON!
  5. Pittsburgh has changed; we’re no longer the rust belt ghetto town, now we’re high tech magnet hipster town. Come and play with us

So gear up and lets go! This being said, for some reason, a convention full of people in very hot costumes is set every year during the most hot and humid part of the Pittsburgh year, making it completely unfair to anybody in fur suits to really go out and about in the heat. The con would probably be more comfortable in the winter.  This year it’s set to be very warm and very wet so here’s a quick list of what you’ll want to bring for sure:

  1. Big ass umbrella
  2. trash bags (in case you have a large costume that needs covered to and from your car)
  3. Fursuit washing kit…it’s raining constantly in July and if you leave the convention you’re gonna be a dirty kitty!
  4. Febreeze; you’re going to sweat like a big even if you aren’t dressed like one. Be prepared

And for eating…there are a TON of great places to eat very close but the big question is always: who deelivers and who’s the late night pizza place that doesn’t suck:

  1. R&Bs Pizza: Taking orders until like 1 am and fast as can be. They’re not far from the convention center and are pretty dependable. Not bad for pizza Giovannies is also a close second as is Ephesus. Want something delivered that’s not pizza? You’re funny…
  2. Within 1 block are a couple places to eat. All are over priced, none are impressive. If you can deal try and make it to the strip or to market square for dinner that isn’t fail.
  3. Need booze? There is a booze store on liberty



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