• Rusty Needle’s Guide to Hotel Livin’ for Convention Newbies

    Get up and go and meet furry friends along the way! 6 Tips for Hotel Livin’ for NOOBS! After being on the road all my life and most recently doing lots of cons and living out of a “bug out bag” while traveling between home and work I have some good tips for hotel livin’

  • Con Travel;Traveling with a team part 1

    So long haul travel has been a part of my life for a long time. Up until the last couple years it was either with family, or in quite a few cases, a 200 piece marching band. And in these travels I have learned quite a few tips, tricks, and hacks for getting to the

  • Chow Down On the Road Part 1: Hot Eats

    Eating for Cheap on the Road AKA: chowing down in your hotel room without takeout!   Go on any convention forum or facebook group and there is the constant complaint of food issues: no place to eat, food too expensive, dietary needs not covered, nothing tastes good etc. In this multi-part series we’re going to

  • WiP: Generic Jedi Concept

    So doing rough concepts for my Jedi I’m making for the Rebel Legion. I’ve been a Star Wars obsessive nerd since I was a little kid but only now can I sew and make stuff decent enough to actually join. Still haven’t decided if I’m doing the regular brown Jedi or maybe green or blue

  • Drag makeup and cosplay makeup: pretty much the same thing

    We’re about learning and laughing so a great lolful tut by Willim on some hard core drag makeup. “If it’s uneven, who cares! It’ll all be on your pillow case or some dude by the end of the night” (this also applies to con…it’ll all be over your pillowcase or all your friends by the

  • Game of Moons: Kingslanding Princess Jupiter

    So the hot trend on the internet is “XYZ version of Disney Princesses” Disney princesses as guys, as warriors, as 50s pinups, as greasers, as “steampunk” (no a bustle and a corset does not equal steampunk…but don’t get me started) and I’m tired of it. However something you don’t see much are different versions of

  • Welcome to Pittsburgh Furries! A local’s guide part 2: cool eats, cool streets

    Bad “most livable city four years in a row”! Welcome to part 2 of a Pittsburgh Local’s guide to…well Pittsburgh for convention visitors! We’re covering (in my opinion >.>) the most important part of visiting a different city: The cool eats and cooler streets! I hear a lot from people, even locals in the city,

  • Learn From My Fail: more detailed doesn’t always equal “better”

    NOTE: THE FOLLOWING IS AN OPINION PIECE BY RUSTY NEEDLE (our old bat) AND DOESN’T APPLY TO THE FEELINGS OF ALL THE NEEDLES ON THE WHOLE! So lets talk about competition. Rusty Needle here and I’ll be honestly, 99.9% of the reason I cosplay is for competition, to put my skills to the test and

  • Learn From My Fail: Sergers

    So I got a serger a couple years ago. It was on mega sale so I ended up paying like $150 for it (I think it was around $250 originally..but when I saw it at Walmart BAM it was 150 FULL PRICE! DAMN YOU JOANNS!!!…anyway….). It was the Singer newbie serger special. It worked for

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